Our work in La Cruz de Carrasco neighborhood started in 1998 when two brothers from Stella Maris College, Montevideo, belonging to the Christian Brothers Congregation, settled down in the neighborhoods in order to support and work with the community.

Madres de la Cruz civil association is a Christian service organization which serves children, teenagers and their families. We provide educational support, education in values and a daily snack to children and advice and guidance to their families regarding the education of their children.

 At present, Madres de la Cruz is a member of the Fe y Alegría Federation, Uruguay and Niños y Niñas Foundation, Uruguay.

Our Center is located in La Cruz de Carrasco is situated in a marginal zone of total social exclusion where approximately 500 families live, presenting situations of: Family disintegration. promiscuity and overcrowding, poor nourishment, health and hygiene problems, school desertion and high standard of repetition, no identity papers, violence and child abuse, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and delinquency.

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